Data Downloads and Applications of PERSIANN Products Continue to Grow

Oct. 31, 2023
Sample iRain image

Data downloads of the PERSIANN family of products continue increasing markedly from year to year. Developed by and housed at the Center for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing (CHRS) at the University of California Irvine, these products include both historical and real-time satellite-based precipitation estimation products. These products have been associated with G-WADI since its foundation, and partially funded by both UNESCO and ICIWaRM. 

Data downloads for 2023 are on track to total about 45 terabytes--approximately 90 times the data that was downloaded in 2013, and an increase of 23% over 2022. A large percentage of these data are from the two newer PERSIANN products--PERSIANN CDR-CCS for historical analysis and PDIR-Now for real-time analysis. 

For the first time, India logs more visits to the data portal than the United States, and Indonesia is not far behind. These are followed by the Netherlands, Iran, Israel, Vietnam, Pakistan, Brazil, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Peru and Morocco--leading the >180 nations and other states from all six IHP national groups that have downloaded data.